Studies have shown that over the last 150 years, human activities are responsible
for mostly all of the increases in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In the United
States, the largest resource of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities is
from burning fossil fuels for electric generation, heat, as well as transportation.

The primary sources of greenhouse gas discharges in the USA are:

  • Transport)– The transportation industry produces the largest amount of
    greenhouse gas exhausts. Greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation
    sector are mainly originated from burning fossil fuels for our cars, trucks,
    ships, trains, and planes.
  • Electricity Generation– Electricity generation is the second biggest share of
    greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately 62 percent of our electricity comes
    from the burning of fossil fuels.
  • Industry — Greenhouse gas emissions from industry mainly originated from
    burning fossil fuels for energy, along with greenhouse gas emissions from
    particular chemical reactions required to produce goods from resources.
  • Commercial and Residential)– Greenhouse gas emissions from businesses
    as well as residences occur primarily from fossil fuels used for warmth, using
    specific products which contain greenhouse gases, and the handling of waste.
  • Agriculture — Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture originated from
    animals such as cows, agricultural dirt, and also rice production.
  • Land Use as well as Forestry — Land areas can act as a sink (taking in carbon
    dioxide from the atmosphere) or a resource of greenhouse gas emissions.
    Since 1990, the United States managed forests as well as other lands that
    have taken in much more carbon dioxide from the environment than they