Climate Change

Understanding Climate Change

Climate change is a natural occurrence over time however, it’s no surprise that there are rapid changes in the climate now. Recent studies have shown increased changes in weather conditions, oceans, and other natural resources throughout the U.S. and globally. We have seen these changes in:

Changing temperatures levels as well as rainfall patterns

Boosts in water temperature, ocean levels, as well as acidity

Melting of glaciers

Extreme weather patterns including frequency, strength, as well as duration

Changes to our ecosystem behaviors, like seasonal lengths, early or late flower blooming, and the movement of birds.

The changes we are witnessing are due to the compounding of harmful greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and the warming of the earth because of the greenhouse effect.

Human as well as natural elements both affect the planet’s climate however, studies have shown that over the past century, human activities have had the most effect on the climate.

From as far back as 1800’s, human activities have produced increasing amounts of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide into the environment, which have had a negative impact on our planet’s climate. Changes in the sun’s energy and also volcanic eruptions, which are considered natural processes, have additionally influence the planet’s environment in negative ways. Nevertheless, these changes don’t necessarily explain the global warming and climate change that we have experienced in recent years.