Climate change is a large issue in today’s world. Its impact is being felt all around the planet, as well as in our home state of New York. One area that is being affected by climate change is New York’s wildlife. Scientists have recently reported that climate change could be linked to the spread of new deadly diseases for the state’s native wildlife.

Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine has been working towards stopping the spread of biting midges. These insects can cause deadly diseases in many mammal populations. According to Cornell, a Northeastern storm in late 2020 spread many of these insects across the region, especially in New York.

As a result, many native deer populations in the Hudson Valley area became vulnerable. These populations began showing symptoms of a disease called epizootic hemorrhagic. Their symptoms included weakness, bruising, swollen tongue, and loss of fear of humans.

The outbreak killed about 1,500 deer that fall. Scientists are now warning that other diseases could be spread by climate change.

As climate change gets worse, extreme storms are going to become increasingly likely and unpredictable. Just two months into 2022, this extreme weather has already been on display and caused several problems to metro areas in the Northeast. Warmer temperatures are causing more precipitation, which is leading to heavier storms and changes to wind patterns.

In fact, this uptick of extreme weather events has been occurring since the 1980s. Changes to temperature and precipitation continue to grow each year, and they’re getting more extreme.

It is making insects migrate and forcing wildlife to move to areas with greater competition and predation. This is taking a toll on wildlife by indirectly destroying their habitats, food, and contaminating their water supply.Our goal at ABEST is to serve New York residents with renewable electricity to help reduce their carbon footprint. Our focus has been to educate and inform individuals to do their part and help fight against climate change by offering eco-friendly products and services. Renewable energy helps to reduce emissions, which will go a long way towards fixing the problem of climate change.

Using clean energy sourced by Abest Green Power for your home is one of the most effective and easy ways to lower your carbon footprint and combat climate change.