Summer has officially come to an end and the children of New York are back to school full time for the first time in over a year. Now the morning hustle and bustle, daily planning, and evening homework and preparation are in full swing. The pressure of buying new clothes, school supplies, along healthy daily lunch prep can be tedious and time-consuming for the eco-conscious shopper.

Hopefully, these 12 eco-friendly tips will help plan for an easy back–to–school transition: this year.


School Lunch Prep

1. This school year, skip the disposable plastic sandwich bags and choose BPA-free reusable containers instead.


2. Consider a Meatless Monday lunch option – it’s better for your health and the environment.

3. Pack lunches the night before and choose fresh fruit over prepackaged food.


4. When buying fruits and vegetables for school lunches, support local farmer’s markets.


5. Use a stainless steel or up-cycled lunch box.[SK1]


School Supplies


6. When buying supplies, resist the urge to buy in bulk. Instead, find last year’s unused school supplies and look for items that can be reused.

7. Designate a storage space for school supplies at home to prevent overbuying every year.

8. Buy recycled paper and encourage your kids to start recycling now to make it a life-long practice.

9. Consider using cardboard or canvas binders instead of standard plastic binders.

10. Choose refillable or biodegradable pens and recycled pencils.


Big Purchases

11. If this is the year for a desk or computer for your student, consider buying used or repurposed items.


Back-to-School Clothes


12. The first day of school outfit can be a big decision for kids and parents each year. Make sure your students know that trendy and fashionable clothes can be found in thrift shops and second-hand stores. Always check that each potential purchase is in its best condition unless you plan on repurposing and restyling it. YouTube is a great resource for thrift store inspiration with “Thrift Store Hauls” and tips for finding the best quality and deals on kids and adult clothes. If you are not in need of school clothes, use the thrift store as an accessory haven for other back-to-school needs.



Renewable energy provides an opportunity for us to reduce harmful carbon emissions by moving away from fossil fuels which produce greenhouse gases that destruct our environment. Our goal at ABEST is to serve New York residents with electricity sourced from renewable resources that reduce carbon emissions. Our focus has been to educate and support New Yorkers to take part in this opportunity by offering a renewable option to reduce their carbon footprint. Together we can make a positive environmental change now for our children’s future.